Nilfisk vacuum cleaner bags

Buy your Nilfisk vacuum cleaner bags online. We offer a vide range of vacuum cleaner bags to suit every machine from Nilfisk.

Nilfisk is a danish brand of vacuum cleaners in Sweden and there is a wide range of models in different price ranges and with different performance, for example Nilfisk Power, Nilfisk Coupé, Nilfisk Multi 30, Nilfisk GD 930, Nilfisk Coupé Neo and Nilfisk Alto.

Here you will find all vacuum cleaners from Nilfisk. Click on the vacuum cleaner model you have and you will come to a new page where you can order dust bags for your Nilfisk vacuum cleaner.

Nilfisk Advanced GD910

Nilfisk Alto Aero 20-01

Nilfisk C15 Compact

Nilfisk CDB 3020

Nilfisk CV20 Centraldammsugare

Nilfisk cv793 Palace Centraldammsugare

Nilfisk Extrem X 100

Nilfisk GD 1005 Family

Nilfisk GM 100 Sprint

Nilfisk HDS 1005 Family

Nilfisk HDS 2000

Nilfisk Viking D10